FHIR TestScriptΒΆ

Touchstone test executions are controlled by the specification FHIR TestScript resource. Here are some of the high-level elements:

  • Setup - Contains operations that seed the target system with the test data needed for the tests.

  • Tests - Contains operations and assertions

    • Operations - HTTP-based requests against the target system.

    • Assertions - Verifications to ensure that the target system behaved as expected by the specification.

While TestScripts in Touchstone follow the FHIR TestScript, there are extra constraints enforced by Touchstone and extra extensions allowed through the Touchstone IG. Examples of such are:

  • Operation.Resource is required for any Instance or Type Level REST Interactions where the Resource Type cannot be inferred by the source Fixture.

  • Rules, Rulesets, and the asserts that use them are all extensions for R4 testScipts defined in the Touchstone IG.

There are many more elements in the FHIR TestScript. Please refer to Testing FHIR and TestScript for details on how the TestScript works.