TestScript Editor

IDE 1.4.2 - December 9, 2022

Bug Fix

  • Corrected issue impacting Conformance Suites when a single TestScript was uploaded via the TS IDE

IDE 1.4.0 - June 26, 2020


IDE 1.3.0 - Jan 9, 2019


IDE 1.2.2 - Nov 26, 2018


  • Upload dialog should default to the last Spec selected by user.

IDE 1.2.1 - Sep 24, 2018


  • Added features like “Check for Updates” and “Install New Software..”, so users can find the latest released versions within the TestScript Editor itself.

  • Added support to automatically check for updates and notify the user when new updates are available.

  • Removed Java JRE bundled with TestScript Editor to give more flexibility for user to use a different JRE.

  • Added support for FHIR 3.5.0 and CDS Hooks 1.0 specifications.

Bug Fix

  • The “Spec” dropdown in “Upload to Touchstone” dialog was editable. It is now read-only.

IDE 1.1.0 - August 6, 2018


  • Rebranding of TestScript Editor.

  • Java JRE is now included in the TestScript Editor so user would not need to install Java.

  • New toolbar menu item for contacting Touchstone Support.

IDE 1.0.0 - June 17, 2018


  • Performance improvements during upload to Touchstone via new authentication mechanism.

  • Added support for creation of Groovy Rules.

  • Integration with new Simplifier API for JWT authentication.

IDE Beta-0.6.0 - May 29, 2018


  • Add support for Touchstone IDE on Mac

IDE Beta-0.5.0 - May 13, 2018

First Release

The TestScript Editor is an Eclipse-based desktop development environment. It provides a comprehensive suite of development tools for creating, managing and publishing FHIR TestScript resources. It is designed to simplify test script development and accommodate a large number of users, ranging from beginners to experts.

The TestScript Editor can be used to:

  • Upload Test Groups and TestScript resources to Touchstone.

  • Upload Test Groups to and download them from Simplifier.

  • Manage TestScript resources by integrating with Version Control systems such as SVN, GIT etc.

You can learn more about the TestScript Editor at Touchstone Docs.