1. When executing a client-side test script, I have submitted what the system asked me to but my operation execution is still stuck on `Waiting for Request` You can visit the Exchanges My Org and Exchanges Unmatched screens to look for an error message (in red) that would describe what happened. See Common Errors for some of the errors.

  2. When doing client-side testing, do I need to start all over if I submit the wrong USER_KEY accidently? It’s best to click the Execute Again button on your Test Execution screen and start from the beginning. The target system is no longer in the state that your operation execution expects it to be in. Multiple submissions of the request message are still forwarded to the target system and processed. Resource ids and versions would change. So it might seem like nothing happened (because your operation execution still says Waiting for Request), behind the scenes message exchanges are taking place with the target system.

  3. Why does Touchstone not support restart from a certain point in the test script? It’s painful (especially with client-side testing) to start from the beginning of the script. This is not a limitation in Touchstone. It’s the way the test script specification was designed (see http://hl7.org/fhir/testing.html#execution). The Setup section is executed only once per test script. The Setup section is what enables repeatable and reliable test results. It cleans up the target system from previous resource updates/creates/etc. before launching the tests within the script. If you were to restart from a certain point in the script and not the beginning, the target system will not be in the state that the point you want to restart from expects it to be in. So you’ll most likely get failed assertions and failed tests.